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Beaumont Kitchen is a fashionable all-day dining lounge that balances comfort and sophistication. Our cuisine is chef-driven and rooted in quality, showcasing fresh, seasonal and local ingredients in creative and authentic ways. Inviting you to enjoy without guilt, our healthy-meets-indulgent menu excites, nourishes and satisfies.

The Restaurant

the atmosphere

Beaumont Kitchen has a welcoming buzz about it. Amidst its sleek design, rich textures and whimsical accents, the space features plush loungers and banquettes, formal dining tables and relaxed bar seating, making it ideal for long lunches, midday snacking, casual dinners and special occasions.

the inspiration

Owning a deep understanding of and respect for food, Beaumont Kitchen’s chefs source interesting, quality ingredients from nearby purveyors, and trust in the ingredients’ natural flavours and beauty to shine with minimal preparation.

District Chef
Michael Hay

Chef Michael Hay began his career in the kitchen in his hometown of Kingston, before moving to Ottawa to study English and Humanities at Carleton University.  But the lure of chef life proved too great. Chef Hay decided to pursue his passion for food full-time.  He honed his skills in various restaurants in Ottawa, working alongside prominent chefs such as Marc Lepine and Rene Rodriguez. In 2007, Chef Hay moved to Chicago to gain experience with molecular gastronomy at Michelin-starred Moto Restaurant.

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A year later, he returned to Ottawa, where he became Executive Chef at Courtyard Restaurant.  In 2012, he moved to Back Lane Café.  Under Chef Hay’s leadership, both restaurants were amongst the top ten in Ottawa.  Chef Hay has also been selected to compete in the prestigious Gold Medal Plates (Ottawa) competition twice, in 2011 and 2012.

In 2013, Chef Hay moved to Toronto to take the lead at O&B Canteen, Oliver & Bonacini’s casual market fresh restaurant in the TIFF Bell Lightbox. There, he reinvigorated the menu with robust vegetable-focused dishes and inventive gluten-free alternatives, drawing inspiration from Indian, Korean and Chinese cuisine, as well as his own home cooking style. Chef Hay’s fresh take on traditional Sunday roast dinner garnered attention from Toronto Life and Zagat, while his use of edible insects in Canteen’s Jiminy cricket energy bars was picked by NOW Magazine as one of 2015’s top food trends to watch. Chef Hay’s tireless energy and boundless creativity earned him a promotion to District Chef, working alongside Corporate Executive Chef Anthony Walsh in managing the culinary vision of multiple O&B concepts.

Now overseeing Beaumont Kitchen, Chef Hay is excited to execute an eclectic, thoughtfully crafted menu driven by seasonal products and his passion for food that both nourishes and satisfies.

Chef de Cuisine
Paul Senecal

From a young age, Paul Senecal has always appreciated a delicious home cooked meal, from his mother’s traditional Latvian cutlets to his great grandmother’s roast chicken with all the fixings. After graduating from high school, Paul went on to study astrophysics at Queen’s University, though he consistently found himself lured back to cooking, whether he was preparing big dinners for his housemates or working summer jobs in restaurant kitchens.

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In 2006, Paul made the decision to follow his passion and cook full-time. After a year-long stint at Le Chien Noir in Kingston, Chef Paul moved to Toronto to work at Canoe, Oliver & Bonacini’s fine dining restaurant atop the TD Bank Tower. There, he gained experience as a line cook at almost every station, and forged valuable relationships with chefs Amanda Ray and Anthony Walsh. Chef Paul’s desire to work abroad and challenge himself led him to make the leap to Paris, where he worked at the one Michelin star Passiflore under renowned Chef Roland Durand. When his visa expired, Chef Paul knew he wanted to return to Toronto to work with Chef Anthony Walsh and O&B. He spent time perfecting his skills at Luma and Jump before settling in to a Senior Sous Chef position at Biff’s Bistro, working under Chef Amanda Ray.

Now, as the inaugural Chef de Cuisine of the new Beaumont Kitchen, Chef Paul is ready to lead his team to new heights and cultivate an energetic and auspicious kitchen environment. Drawing inspiration from several regions, Chef Paul is excited to craft flavourful, healthful dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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