Discover Comfort Cuisine

Beaumont Kitchen is a fashionable all-day dining lounge that balances comfort and sophistication. Our cuisine is chef-driven and rooted in quality, showcasing fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients creatively and honestly. Inviting you to enjoy guilt-free, our healthy-meets-indulgent menu excites, nourishes and satisfies.

The Restaurant

the atmosphere

Beaumont Kitchen has a welcoming buzz about it. Amidst its sleek design, rich textures and whimsical accents, the space features plush loungers and banquettes, formal dining tables and relaxed bar seating, making it ideal for long lunches, midday snacking, casual dinners and special occasions.

the inspiration

Owning a deep understanding of and respect for food, Beaumont Kitchen’s chefs source interesting, quality ingredients from nearby purveyors and trust in the ingredients’ natural flavours and beauty to shine with minimal preparation.

Chef Cassandra Rachey

the chef

Unsurprisingly in Canada, it was hockey that led Chef Cassandra Rachey to a career in the culinary arts. Determined to find high school classes that wouldn’t interfere with practice, she enrolled in a hospitality course thinking it would be easy. Next thing she knew, she had fallen in love with cooking.

Throughout her seven amazing years at O&B, Chef Rachey has made friends for life and has grown exponentially as a cook and leader. After spending a few years as Sous Chef at O&B Café Grill Bayview Village, making the leap to Chef de Cuisine is beyond thrilling for her. She’s looking forward to the challenge of crafting a fresh, exciting menu and making her vision for Beaumont Kitchen a reality.

Beaumont’s warm but elegant environment, from its stunning interior to its airy open kitchen, is the perfect place for Chef Rachey to take the next step. She’s spent many a night enjoying coffee and chatting with friends on the couches, and now the site of so many great memories will be the place she spreads her wings.

Always one to keep on her toes, Chef Rachey runs two small side businesses making custom cakes and handmade knitted and crocheted items. A self-described 90-year-old on the inside, she spends her free time knitting, crocheting, baking and hanging out with her nieces and nephews.

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